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background kb. 1 latar belakang. 2 dibelakang-belakang. 3 dasar.
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background correction functionsfungsi pembetulan latar
background count ratelaju cacah belakang
background gasgas latar
background luminanceserian later
background noisederau latar
background polarizationpolarisasi latar
background radiationradiasi later belakang
noun a person's social heritage: previous experience or training
noun the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground
noun information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem
noun extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured
noun relatively unimportant or inconspicuous accompanying situation
noun the state of the environment in which a situation exists
noun (computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear
noun scenery hung at back of stage
verb understate the importance or quality of
noun Ground in the rear or behind, or in the distance, as opposed to the foreground, or the ground in front.
source: WordNet 3.0


No reference checks. None of the usual background stuff, no.
Tidak ada periksa referensi, tidak ada hal latar belakang yang biasa dilakukan, tidak.
sort of relegated to the background of pop stars and music videos.
seakan-akan tergeser dengan latar bintang pop dan video musik.
to an individual's genetic background or their experiences,
akan latar belakang genetik atau pengalaman orang itu,
With the green screen we can put any background in the world on it,
Dengan layar hijau kami dapat menaruh latar belakang apapun
the cosmic microwave background radiation
latar belakang radiasi gelombang mikro sinar kosmis
But I should say that my background -- my father was, you know,
Tapi latar belakang saya -- ayah saya... Anda tentu tahu
And there in the background is the pattern for folding it.
Di latarnya ada pola untuk melipatnya.
So that's my fusion reactor in the background there.
Jadi itulah reaktor fusi saya di belakang sana.
Shaheen's background I don't even know.
Saya bahkan tidak tahu latar belakang Shaheen.
of the background galaxies.
dari galaksi di belakangnya.
And I take the United States -- we still want to see the background --
Dan saya ambil Amerika Serikat -- kita pertahankan yang lain untuk latar belakang --
we've also been working in the background
kita juga mengerjakan untuk latar belakang
In the background there
Di latar belakang ini
maybe we will come with a strong Soviet background of training.
mungkin kami memiliki latar belakang Soviet yang kuat.
Now the background is -- the guy who did this is a physicist.
Latar belakangnya, pria yang mengerjakan ini seorang fisikawan.
where we have facilitators who come from a small business background
yang memiliki fasilitator dari perusahaan kecil
and nothing in my background
saya tidak memiliki latar belakang
with a background in physics and chemistry
dengan latar belakang pada fisika, kimia,
someone who doesn't come from the same background as you,
seseorang yang berbeda latar belakang dengan Anda,
whatever that background is,
apapun latar belakangnya,
microwave background
latar belakang gelombang mikro
and that's what we see in the cosmic microwave background
dan itulah yang kita lihat dalam latar belakang gelombang mikro kosmos
What we have here in the background
Yang Anda lihat di latar belakang ini
and have a background in architecture and fashion.
dan mempunyai latar belakang arsitektur dan fashion.
This is happening, however, against the background
Namun ini terjadi, dengan latar belakang
the background -- the institution to which they were attached --
latar belakangnya -- institusi di mana mereka berada
I did what people from my kind of background were supposed to do.
mengikuti apa yang dikerjakan orang lain dengan latar belakang seperti saya.
with intelligent calculation in the background
dengan kalkulasi tingkat tinggi pada latarnya
actually had the background
punya latar belakang
His pediatrician happens to have a background in clinical genetics
Dokternya kebetulan punya latar belakang genetika klinis