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bacteriologist ahli illmu bakteri
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noun a biologist who studies bacteria
noun One skilled in bacteriology.
source: WordNet 3.0
united states bacteriologist who helped
amerika serikat bakteriolog yang membantu
australian physician and bacteriologist who
australia dokter dan bakteriologi yang
scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin
bakteriolog skotlandia yang menemukan penisilin
bacteriologist who helped develop immunization
bakteriolog yang membantu mengembangkan imunisasi
and bacteriologist who developed a
dan bakteriolog yang mengembangkan sebuah
danish physician and bacteriologist who
denmark dokter dan bakteriologi yang
physician and bacteriologist who developed
dokter dan bakteriologi yang mengembangkan
physician and bacteriologist who described
dokter dan bakteriologi yang menggambarkan
states bacteriologist who helped develop
serikat bakteriolog yang membantu mengembangkan