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bilge dasar lambung kapal, omong kosong
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bilge-pumppompa pengosong
noun water accumulated in the bilge of a ship
noun where the sides of the vessel curve in to form the bottom
verb cause to leak
verb take in water at the bilge
noun The protuberant part of a cask, which is usually in the middle.
verb To suffer a fracture in the bilge; to spring a leak by a fracture in the bilge.
verb To fracture the bilge of, or stave in the bottom of (a ship or other vessel).
source: WordNet 3.0
the bilge or protuberant part
bagian lambung kapal atau menonjol
smelling like bilge water
berbau seperti air lambung kapal
in water at the bilge
dalam air pada lambung kapal
the bilge of or stave
lambung kapal dari atau mencegah
the bilge of a cask
lambung kapal dari suatu tong
the bilge to spring
lambung kapal untuk musim semi
stave in to bilge
mencegah dalam untuk lambung kapal
fracture the bilge of or
patah tulang lambung kapal atau
to stave in to bilge
untuk mencegah dalam untuk bilge
to fracture the bilge of
untuk patah tulang lambung kapal