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cable kawat, kabel, telegram
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cable addressalamat kawat
cable armaturelapisan kabel
cable armouringarmartur kabel
cable buoypelampung kabel
cable carkereta kabel
cable channelsaluran kabel
cable connectionsambungan kabel
cable couplinglas kabel
cable coupling sleeveselongsong sambungan kabel
cable coveringsalut kabel
cable creditkredit kawat
cable drillingpengeboran kabel
cable drumteromol-kerek
cable endujung kabel
cable engineeringteknik kabel
cable faultcacad-kabel
cable fittingsperlengkapan kabel
cable gramtelegram
cable hangergantungan kabel
cable hookkait kabel
noun a telegram sent abroad
noun a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
noun a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire
verb send cables, wires, or telegrams
noun a nautical unit of depth
noun television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver
noun a television system that transmits over cables
verb fasten with a cable
noun A large, strong rope or chain, of considerable length, used to retain a vessel at anchor, and for other purposes. It is made of hemp, of steel wire, or of iron links.
verb To fasten with a cable.
verb To telegraph by a submarine cable
source: WordNet 3.0