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English to Indonesian
damage bencana, kerugian
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damage controlpengendalian kerusakan
damage insuranceasuransi kerugian
damage tokerusakan pada
verb inflict damage upon
noun the occurrence of a change for the worse
noun loss of military equipment
noun the act of damaging something or someone
noun the amount of money needed to purchase something
noun any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
verb suffer or be susceptible to damage
noun Injury or harm to person, property, or reputation; an inflicted loss of value; detriment; hurt; mischief.
verb To occasion damage to the soundness, goodness, or value of; to hurt; to injure; to impair.
verb To receive damage or harm; to be injured or impaired in soundness or value; as, some colors in cloth damage in sunlight.
source: WordNet 3.0