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damper plat logam yang mengatur aliran udara pada kompor
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noun a movable iron plate that regulates the draft in a stove or chimney or furnace
noun a device that decreases the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations
noun a depressing restraint
noun That which damps or checks; as: (a) A valve or movable plate in the flue or other part of a stove, furnace, etc., used to check or regulate the draught of air. (b) A contrivance, as in a pianoforte, to deaden vibrations; or, as in other pieces of mechanism, to check some action at a particular time.
source: WordNet 3.0


will ever put the tiniest damper
tidak akan sedikitpun meredam
with dampers which when depressed
dengan peredam yang ketika depresi
provided with dampers which when
dilengkapi dengan peredam yang ketika
dampers which when depressed deaden
peredam yang ketika depresi menghilangkan
damper consisting of a
peredam yang terdiri dari sebuah