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dance dansa, tarian, berdansa, menari
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dance attendance onmelayani dg penuh perhatian
dance performancepertunjukan tari
dance tomenari menurut irama musik
danced tomenari menurut irama musik
dancerkb. penari.
verb move in a graceful and rhythmical way
noun an artistic form of nonverbal communication
verb move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance
noun a party of people assembled for dancing
verb skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways
noun taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
noun a party for social dancing
verb To move with measured steps, or to a musical accompaniment; to go through, either alone or in company with others, with a regulated succession of movements, (commonly) to the sound of music; to trip or leap rhythmically.
verb To cause to dance, or move nimbly or merrily about, or up and down; to dandle.
noun The leaping, tripping, or measured stepping of one who dances; an amusement, in which the movements of the persons are regulated by art, in figures and in accord with music.
source: WordNet 3.0