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earthly duniawi, mungkin
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adjective of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven
adjective Pertaining to the earth; belonging to this world, or to man's existence on the earth; not heavenly or spiritual; carnal; worldly; as, earthly joys; earthly flowers; earthly praise.
adverb In the manner of the earth or its people; worldly.
source: WordNet 3.0


I thought, maybe there's some earthly basis
Saya pikir, mungkin ada dasar duniawi
the earthly possessions of the dead --
kepemilikan duniawi dari orang mati --
"The Garden of Earthly Delights."
"The Garden of Earthly Delights."
We do know that some bacterial species that have earthly origin
Kami mengenal beberapa spesies bakteri yang berasal dari bumi
gospels that described earthly aspects
ajaran yang menjelaskan aspek keduniaan
earthly aspects of jesus life
aspek keduniaan dari kehidupan yesus
good associated with the earthly
baik yang terkait dengan duniawi
earthly goods
barang lainnya seluruh harta duniawi
in a strange unearthly way
dalam cara yang aneh wajar
ourselves and our earthly desires
diri serta keinginan duniawi kita
devoted to earthly things
ditujukan untuk hal hal duniawi
carnal worldly as earthly joys
duniawi duniawi sebagai duniawi sukacita
worldly as earthly joys earthly
duniawi sebagai duniawi sukacita duniawi
earthly as heavenly regions heavenly
duniawi sebagai surgawi wilayah surgawi
earthly joys earthly flowers earthly
duniawi sukacita duniawi bunga duniawi
earthly stuff but about
hal hal duniawi melainkan tentang
earthly things worldly minded
hal hal duniawi worldly minded
earthly goods and thought
harta duniawi dan berpikir bahwa
evil of their earthly lives
jahat dari kehidupan duniawi mereka