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gadolinite gadolinite
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noun a mineral that is a source of rare earths; consists of silicates of iron and beryllium and cerium and yttrium and erbium
noun A mineral of a nearly black color and vitreous luster, and consisting principally of the silicates of yttrium, cerium, and iron.
source: WordNet 3.0
cerite gadolinite orthite etc and
cerite gadolinit orthite dll dan
in euxenite and gadolinite symbol
dalam euxenite dan gadolinit simbol
in certain minerals as gadolinite
dalam mineral tertentu seperti gadolinite
gadolinite and some other minerals
gadolinit dan beberapa mineral lainnya
gadolinite and monazite and xenotime
gadolinit dan monasit dan xenotime
gadolinite and other rare minerals
gadolinite dan mineral lainnya langka
certain minerals as gadolinite and
mineral tertentu seperti gadolinit dan
as gadolinite is one of
sebagai gadolinite adalah salah satu
as cerite gadolinite orthite etc
seperti cerite gadolinit orthite dll
as in euxenite and gadolinite
seperti dalam euxenite dan gadolinit
as gadolinite and samarskite with
seperti gadolinit dan samarskite dengan
allied elements as gadolinite is
unsur sekutu sebagai gadolinite adalah
the allied elements as gadolinite
unsur unsur sekutu sebagai gadolinite