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English to Indonesian
jag ujung batu, merigi, bergerigi
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jaggedbergerigi, tidak rata
jaggerpahat bergigi
jaggingmembuat gerigi
jaggytajam, menonjol
jaguarmacan tutul
noun a sharp projection on an edge or surface
noun a slit in a garment that exposes material of a different color underneath; used in Renaissance clothing
noun a flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing
noun a bout of drinking or drug taking
verb cut teeth into; make a jagged cutting edge
noun A notch; a cleft; a barb; a ragged or sharp protuberance; a denticulation.
verb To cut into notches or teeth like those of a saw; to notch.
noun A small load, as of hay or grain in the straw, or of ore.
verb To carry, as a load; as, to jag hay, etc.
noun A leather bag or wallet;
source: WordNet 3.0