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jar guncangan, keras, kencang
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jar againstmemukul sambil berteriak
jar onmengganggu
jar withtidak sepadan
jared againstmemukul sambil berteriak
jared onmengganggu
jared withtidak sepadan
jarfulkendi penuh
jargonkacau, tidak terbaca, bahasa tertentu/segolongan
jaring againstmemukul sambil berteriak
jaring onmengganggu
jaring withtidak sepadan
jarnin interferometerinterferometer jamin
jarred againstmemukul sambil berteriak
jarringmenggelegar, menderu-deru
jarring notebunyi janggal/pertengkaran
noun a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
verb be incompatible; be or come into conflict
verb move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion
noun the quantity contained in a jar
noun a sudden jarring impact
verb shock physically
verb affect in a disagreeable way
verb place in a cylindrical vessel
noun A turn.
noun A deep, broad-mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass, for holding fruit, preserves, etc., or for ornamental purposes; as, a jar of honey; a rose jar.
verb To give forth a rudely quivering or tremulous sound; to sound harshly or discordantly; as, the notes jarred on my ears.
verb To cause a short, tremulous motion of, to cause to tremble, as by a sudden shock or blow; to shake; to shock; as, to jar the earth; to jar one's faith.
noun A rattling, tremulous vibration or shock; a shake; a harsh sound; a discord; as, the jar of a train; the jar of harsh sounds.
source: WordNet 3.0