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keel alas kapal bagian tengah dari baja
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keel blockblok lunas
keel overterjungkir
keel platepelat lunas
keeledjatuh pingsan
keeled overjatuh pingsan
keelingjatuh pingsan
keeling overjatuh pingsan
keellagebiaya pelabuhan
noun a projection or ridge that suggests a keel
noun the median ridge on the breastbone of birds that fly
noun one of the main longitudinal beams (or plates) of the hull of a vessel; can extend vertically into the water to provide lateral stability
verb walk as if unable to control one's movements
verb To cool; to skim or stir.
noun A brewer's cooling vat; a keelfat.
noun A longitudinal timber, or series of timbers scarfed together, extending from stem to stern along the bottom of a vessel. It is the principal timber of the vessel, and, by means of the ribs attached on each side, supports the vessel's frame. In an iron vessel, a combination of plates supplies the place of the keel of a wooden ship. See Illust. of Keelson.
verb To traverse with a keel; to navigate.
noun In a dirigible, a construction similar in form and use to a ship's keel; in an aëroplane, a fin or fixed surface employed to increase stability and to hold the machine to its course.
source: WordNet 3.0