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lag tertinggal dibelakang, tidak lancar, memenjarakan
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lag behindtertinggal
laged behindtertinggal
lagerbotol, sejenis bir
lager beerbir ringan
laggardtertinggal, tidak bergairah, lambat, terbelakang
laggingbahan pelapis
lagging currentarus laju susul
lagging ringgelang pelapis
laging behindtertinggal
lagoondanau yang dangkal
lagrange bracketkurung lagrange
lagrange functionfungsi lagrange
lagrange generalized coordinateskoordinat rampat lagrange
lagrange stream functionfungsi arus lagrange
lagrange undetermined multiplierpendarab taktentu lagrange
lagrange's equationpersamaan lagrange
lagrangian covariantlagrangean kovarian
verb hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
noun the act of slowing down or falling behind
noun the time between one event, process, or period and another
noun one of several thin slats of wood forming the sides of a barrel or bucket
verb lock up or confine, in or as in a jail
verb throw or pitch at a mark, as with coins
verb cover with lagging to prevent heat loss
adjective Coming tardily after or behind; slow; tardy.
noun One who lags; that which comes in last.
verb To walk or more slowly; to stay or fall behind; to linger or loiter.
verb To cause to lag; to slacken.
noun One transported for a crime.
verb To transport for crime.
noun The failing behind or retardation of one phenomenon with respect to another to which it is closely related; as, the lag of magnetization compared with the magnetizing force (hysteresis); the lag of the current in an alternating circuit behind the impressed electro-motive force which produced it.
source: WordNet 3.0


This is really a change, that you have this lag
Ini adalah tantangan besar, bahwa anda memiliki kesenjangan
Nuclear, the time lag alone
Nuklir, dari sisi keterambatannya saja
abnormal formation of cartilage from
abnormal pembentukan tulang rawan dari
one village claimed to
ada satu desa yang melaporkan
are village officials village midwives
adalah aparat desa bidan desa
are village officials
adalah aparat desa kelurahan yang
are village officials school committees
adalah aparat desa komite sekolah
is a village sponsored by
adalah desa yang disponsori oleh
was the resulting village infrastructure
adalah hasil infrastruktur desa kelurahan
is one of the villages
adalah salah satu desa yang
include village officials traders
adalah sebagai aparat desa pedagang
is a fishing village
adalah sebuah desa nelayan yang
are stylagalmaic figures or images
adalah stylagalmaic angka atau gambar
fair to villagers because
adil pada masyarakat desa sebab
village administration and police
administrasi desa kelurahan dan kepolisian
south african lemur galago maholi
afrika selatan lemur galago maholi
water have formed stalagmites pointing
air mempunyai bentuk stalagmite menuju