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magnesia magnesium oksida
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magnesia alumtawas-maknesia
noun a white solid mineral that occurs naturally as periclase; a source of magnesium
noun A light earthy white substance, consisting of magnesium oxide, and obtained by heating magnesium hydrate or carbonate, or by burning magnesium. It has a slightly alkaline reaction, and is used in medicine as a mild antacid laxative. See Magnesium.
source: WordNet 3.0
water and magnesia since found
air dan magnesia sejak ditemukan
alumina iron and magnesia having
alumina besi dan magnesia memiliki
alumina and magnesia but commonly
alumina dan magnesia tetapi umumnya
alumina magnesia and iron called
alumina magnesia dan besi disebut
aluminia with magnesia potash
aluminia dengan magnesia kalium karbonat
aluminia with magnesia potash and
aluminia dengan magnesium potasium dan
or containing magnesia or magnesium
atau mengandung magnesia atau magnesium
some iron magnesia and is
beberapa magnesium besi dan sangat
iron and magnesia containing fluorine
besi dan magnesia mengandung fluorin
iron and magnesia generally of
besi dan magnesia umumnya dari
iron and magnesia containing
besi dan magnesium yang mengandung
iron and magnesia occurring
besi dan magnesium yang terjadi
borate of iron and magnesia
borat dari besi dan magnesium
and magnesia so named from
dan magnesia sehingga disebut dari
and magnesia but commonly contains
dan magnesia tetapi umumnya mengandung