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magnetite magnetit
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noun an oxide of iron that is strongly attracted by magnets
noun An oxide of iron (Fe3O4) occurring in isometric crystals, also massive, of a black color and metallic luster. It is readily attracted by a magnet and sometimes possesses polarity, being then called loadstone. It is an important iron ore. Called also magnetic iron.
source: WordNet 3.0
affording titanium as titaniferous magnetite
affording titanium seperti titaniferous magnetit
either hematite or magnetite used
baik hematit atau magnetit digunakan
and either hematite or magnetite
dan baik hematit atau magnetit
of magnetite that possess polarity
dari magnetit yang memiliki polaritas
hematite or magnetite used as
hematit atau magnetit digunakan sebagai
magnetite and hematite mined
magnetit dan bijih besi ditambang
magnetite and hematite mined as
magnetit dan hematit ditambang sebagai
magnetite that possess polarity and
magnetit yang memiliki polaritas dan
containing magnetite and hematite
mengandung magnetit dan bijih besi
containing magnetite and hematite mined
mengandung magnetit dan hematit ditambang
oxide as hematite magnetite etc
oksida seperti hematit magnetit dll
chert containing magnetite and hematite
rijang mengandung magnetit dan hematit
as hematite magnetite etc or
seperti hematit magnetit dll atau
consisting of magnetite that possess
terdiri dari magnetit yang memiliki
consisting of magnetite that
yang terdiri dari magnetit yang