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magneto dinamo kecil
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magneto staticsmagneto statika
magneto-caloric effectefek magnetokalorik
magneto-elastic coupling constantetapan sambatan magneto-lenting
magneto-electric generatormesin makneto-elektrik
magneto-hydrodinamic wavegelombang magnetohidrodinamik
magneto-hydrodynamic generatorpembangkit magnetohidrodinamik
magneto-ignitionpenyalaan maknit
magneto-inductorinduktor maknit
magneto-mechanical dampingredaman magnetomekanis
magneto-mechanical factorfaktor magneto mekanis
magneto-mechanical rationisbah magneto mekanis
magneto-motive forcegaya maknitomotoris
magneto-optic effectefek magneto-optik
magneto-optic kerr effectefek kerr magneto-optik
magneto-optical analysisanalisis magneto-optis
magneto-optical effectefek magneto-optis
magneto-optical rotationputaran magneto-optis
noun a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine
source: WordNet 3.0
means of a magnetometer as
cara dari sebuah magnetometer seperti
find magneto and stop him
cari magneto dan hentikan dia
by means of a magnetometer
dengan cara dari sebuah magnetometer
to the magnetomotive force produced
dengan magnetomotive force yang diproduksi
magneto hydrodynamic drive or caterpillar
drive magneto hidrodinamik atau ulat
magnets as magneto electric induction
magnet seperti induksi magneto listrik
magneto and stop him by
magneto dan hentikan dia dengan
magnetometer as magnetometric instruments magnetometric
magnetometer seperti magnetometric instrumen magnetometric
magnetomotive force produced by
magnetomotive force yang diproduksi oleh
equal to the magnetomotive force
sama dengan magnetomotive force yang
a magneto hydrodynamic drive or
sebuah drive magneto hidrodinamik atau
a magnetometer as magnetometric instruments
sebuah magnetometer seperti magnetometric instrumen
as magnetometric instruments magnetometric measurements
seperti magnetometric instrumen magnetometric pengukuran