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naphtha cairan pembersih, nafta
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noun any of various volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures; used chiefly as solvents
noun The complex mixture of volatile, liquid, inflammable hydrocarbons, occurring naturally, and usually called crude petroleum, mineral oil, or rock oil. Specifically: That portion of the distillate obtained in the refinement of petroleum which is intermediate between the lighter gasoline and the heavier benzine, and has a specific gravity of about 0.7, -- used as a solvent for varnishes, as a carburetant, illuminant, etc.
source: WordNet 3.0
ammonia and coal tar naphtha
amonia dan batubara tar nafta
analogous to naphthalene and like
analog dengan naftalena dan seperti
of naphthalene analogous to phenol
asam naftalena analog dengan fenol
of acids derived from naphthalene
asam yang berasal dari naftalena
or petrol alcohol naphtha etc
atau bensin alkohol nafta dll
or derived from naphthalene used
atau berasal dari naftalena digunakan
or naphthalene used to keep
atau naftalena digunakan untuk menjaga
or related to naphthalene used
atau terkait dengan naftalena digunakan
coal tar naphtha and
batu bara tar nafta dan
coal tar naphtha as
batu bara tar nafta sebagai
gasoline or petrol alcohol naphtha
bensin atau bensin alkohol nafta
derived from naphthalene and called
berasal dari naftalena dan disebut
derived from naphthalene used specifically
berasal dari naftalena digunakan khusus
allied to naphthalene and anthracene
bersekutu dengan naftalena dan anthracene
in the naphtha produced by
dalam nafta yang dihasilkan oleh