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English to Indonesian
obscurely dengan samar-samar
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in an obscure manner
secara jelas
source: WordNet 3.0
somewhat obscurely or darkly
agak samar samar atau gelap
somewhat obscurely or
agak samar samar visages atau
or appear obscurely
atau muncul samar samar visages
or knowledge obscurely
atau pengetahuan samar samar samar
some obscurely indicated
beberapa samar samar visages menunjukkan
shine or appear obscurely
bersinar samar samar atau muncul
mixture cloudily obscurely confusedly
campuran cloudily samar samar bingung
mixture cloudily obscurely
campuran cloudily samar samar visages
in a foggy manner obscurely
cara berkabut samar samar visages
a foggy manner obscurely
cara yang berkabut samar samar
cloudily obscurely confusedly
cloudily samar samar visages bingung
with mist darkly obscurely
dengan kabut muram samar samar
with shame ignominiously obscurely
dengan malu memalukan samar samar
entomb as obscurely
entomb seperti samar samar visages
obscurely indicated thing
hal yang samar samar ditunjukkan