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quarterly setiap tiga bulan, setiap seperempat sekali
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adjective of or relating to or consisting of a quarter
noun a periodical that is published every quarter (or four issues per year)
adverb in diagonally opposed quarters of an escutcheon
adverb in three month intervals
adjective Containing, or consisting of, a fourth part; as, quarterly seasons.
noun A periodical work published once a quarter, or four times in a year.
adverb By quarters; once in a quarter of a year; as, the returns are made quarterly.
source: WordNet 3.0


with a CoEvolution Quarterly article
dengan sebuah artikel Koevolusi Triwulanan
month provided quarterly
bulan yang diberikan setiap kuartal
dak quarterly
dak nya setiap bulan berjumlah
in every three months quarterly
dalam setiap tiga bulan kuartalan
with a coevolution quarterly article
dengan sebuah artikel koevolusi triwulanan
be paid quarterly on
dibayar setiap empat bulan dalam
provided quarterly in while
diberikan setiap kuartal pada sedangkan
used to adjust quarterly earning
digunakan untuk menyesuaikan kuartalan mendapatkan
inc cut its quarterly dividend
inc memotong deviden kuartal mereka
quarterly profit substantially different
keuntungan kuartal secara substansial berbeda
complain about quarterly report ceo
komplain tentang laporan triwulan ceo
cent a share quarterly
kuartalan sebanyak sen per saham
again complain about quarterly report
lagi komplain tentang laporan triwulan
a bad quarterly statement
laporan keuangan kuartalan yang buruk
mcsweeney quarterly that we published
mcsweeney quarterly yang kami terbitkan
reported quarterly profit substantially
melaporkan keuntungan kuartal secara substansial