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quartz batu baiduri
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quartz crystalkristal
quartz lamplampu kuarsa
quartz layerlapisan kristal
quartz oscillatorosilator kristal
quartz platepelat-kwarsa
quartz stonebatu-batuan kwarsa
quartz-layerlapisan kwarsa
quartz-sandpasir kwarsa
quartziferousmengandung kwarsa
quartzyseperti kwarsa
quartzy sandstonebatupasir kwarsa
noun colorless glass made of almost pure silica
noun a hard glossy mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystal form; present in most rocks (especially sandstone and granite); yellow sand is quartz with iron oxide impurities
noun A form of silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO2), occurring in hexagonal crystals, which are commonly colorless and transparent, but sometimes also yellow, brown, purple, green, and of other colors; also in cryptocrystalline massive forms varying in color and degree of transparency, being sometimes opaque.
source: WordNet 3.0