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raceme rangkai, tanda, cara bunga berkembang
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noun usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first
noun A flower cluster with an elongated axis and many one-flowered lateral pedicels, as in the currant and chokecherry.
source: WordNet 3.0
chinese perennial with pyramidal racemes
abadi cina dengan racemes piramida
any spines having racemes of
ada duri memiliki racemes dari
united states with long racemes
amerika serikat dengan panjang racemes
united states having beautiful racemes
amerika serikat memiliki indah racemes
united states having racemes of
amerika serikat memiliki racemes bunga
united states having racemes
amerika serikat racemes memiliki yang
orchids with leafy bracted racemes
anggrek dengan berdaun bracted racemes
asia bearing large erect racemes
asia bantalan besar tegak racemes
asia having erect racemes of
asia memiliki tegak racemes bunga
eastern asiatic saxifrage with racemes
asia timur saxifrage dengan racemes
many racemes above thick mats
atas tikar banyak racemes tebal
or lobed leaves and racemes
atau lobed daun dan racemes
or spreading herb having racemes
atau menyebarkan herbal memiliki racemes
australian orchid with loose racemes
australia anggrek dengan racemes longgar
bearing loose racemes of similarly
bantalan longgar racemes demikian pula