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rafter kasau
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noun one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof
noun someone who travels by raft
verb provide (a ceiling) with rafters
noun A raftsman.
noun Originally, any rough and somewhat heavy piece of timber. Now, commonly, one of the timbers of a roof which are put on sloping, according to the inclination of the roof. See Illust. of Queen-post.
verb To make into rafters, as timber.
source: WordNet 3.0
between two rafters to afford
antara dua kasau untuk membeli
or rafters so as to
atau langit langit sehingga untuk
of joists studs or rafters
balok kancing atau langit langit
of beams rafters posts struts
balok langit langit posting struts
joists studs or rafters
joists kancing atau langit langit
studs or rafters so as
kancing atau langit langit sehingga
principal rafters to prevent them
kasau utama untuk mencegah mereka
rafters posts struts forming a
kaso posting struts membentuk suatu
rafters especially having them visible
kaso terutama setelah mereka terlihat
a ceiling with rafters
langit langit dengan langit langit
rafters posts struts forming
langit langit posting struts membentuk
rafters so as to transfer
langit langit sehingga untuk mentransfer
the principal rafters in buildings
langit langit utama dalam bangunan
the rafters especially having
langit langit yang terutama setelah
beyond the principal rafters in
luar langit langit utama dalam