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riddled melubangi
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adjective satellite
(often followed by `with') damaged throughout by numerous perforations or holes
(Sering diikuti oleh `dengan) rusak oleh seluruh banyak perforasi atau lubang
source: WordNet 3.0


Her body was riddled with secondary tumors.
Tubuhnya dipenuhi tumor sekunder.
It's riddled with gimmicks."
"Ini dipenuhi tipuan."
and there are people who are absolutely riddled with disease
dan ada orang-orang yang menderita berbagai penyakit
The surface of the Earth is absolutely riddled with holes,
Permukaan bumi sungguh dipenuhi lembah-lembah,
and one riddled with
dan satunya lagi penuh dengan
riddled with accounting tricks that
dipenuhi tipuan tipuan akuntansi yang
riddled with fire and ashand
penuh dengan api dan abudan


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