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shunt mengalihkan perhatian
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shunt arc lamplampu busur shunt
shunt codkomparan shunt
shunt connectionhubungan shunt
shunt currentarus-jabar
shunt dynamodinamo-shunt
shunt leadpipa-cabang
shunt resistancehambatan-cabang
shunt-circuitlingkar-arus shunt
shunt-coilkumparan rangkai cabang
shunt-connectionhubungan paralel
shunt-currentarus yang dicabangkan
shunt-excitationperkuatan rangkai cabang
shunt-exciterdinamo pembangkit shunt
shunt-feedpengisian secara paralel
shunt-meterpengukur shunt
shunt-methodmetoda shunt
shunt-positionkedudukan shunt
shunt-ratioperbandingan shunt
shunt-regulationpengaturan shunt
noun a passage by which a bodily fluid (especially blood) is diverted from one channel to another
noun a conductor having low resistance in parallel with another device to divert a fraction of the current
verb transfer to another track, of trains
noun implant consisting of a tube made of plastic or rubber; for draining fluids within the body
verb provide with or divert by means of an electrical shunt
verb To shun; to move from.
verb To go aside; to turn off.
noun A turning off to a side or short track, that the principal track may be left free.
source: WordNet 3.0
employed to shunt cars from
bekerja untuk melangsir mobil dari
switching as shunting engine yard
beralih sebagai mesin shunting halaman
means of an electrical shunt
cara dari sebuah shunt listrik
with an additional shunt bridging
dengan shunt tambahan yang menjembatani
network with an additional shunt
jaringan dengan shunt tambahan yang
shunt cars from one track
melangsir mobil dari satu lagu
a person employed to shunt
orang yang bekerja untuk melangsir
as shunting engine yard etc
sebagai mesin shunting halaman dll
to shunt cars from one
untuk melangsir mobil dari satu