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ultramarine biru laut
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noun blue pigment made of powdered lapis lazuli
noun a vivid blue to purple-blue color
adjective satellite of a brilliant pure blue to purplish blue color
adjective Situated or being beyond the sea.
noun A blue pigment formerly obtained by powdering lapis lazuli, but now produced in large quantities by fusing together silica, alumina, soda, and sulphur, thus forming a glass, colored blue by the sodium polysulphides made in the fusion. Also used adjectively.
source: WordNet 3.0
ultramarine pigment prepared artificially
pigmen biru laut disiapkan artifisial
as ultramarine ultramontane
seperti ultra laut ultra peg
of place as ultramarine ultramontane
tempat sebagai ultra kelautan ultra
of place as ultramarine
tempat seperti ultra laut ultra