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umbrella payung, perlindungan
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umbrella aerialantena-payung
umbrella-aerialantena payung
noun a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy
noun a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets
noun having the function of uniting a group of similar things
adjective satellite covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups
noun A shade, screen, or guard, carried in the hand for sheltering the person from the rays of the sun, or from rain or snow. It is formed of silk, cotton, or other fabric, extended on strips of whalebone, steel, or other elastic material, inserted, or fastened to, a rod or stick by means of pivots or hinges, in such a way as to allow of being opened and closed with ease. See Parasol.
source: WordNet 3.0


You could fly 100 Ph.D. students under the umbrella of this concept,
Anda dapat menghasilkan 100 murid doktoral di bawah payung konsep ini,
and it's this very large umbrella of a term.
dan itu adalah istilah umum.
It's an umbrella of air all across it,
Seluruhnya menjadi sebuah payung udara
will i need an umbrella
apakah aku akan memerlukan payung
building large umbrella shaped nests
bangunan besar berbentuk payung sarang
many umbrella shaped fungi mostly
banyak berbentuk payung jamur terutama
the absence of legal umbrella
belum adanya payung hukum legal
umbrella shaped fungi mostly of
berbentuk payung jamur terutama dari
chufa cotton grass papyrus umbrella
chufa kapas rumput papirus payung
in making garments or umbrellas
dalam pembuatan garmen atau payung
in a beautiful umbrella pattern
dalam pola payung yang indah
for building large umbrella shaped
dengan bangunan besar berbentuk payung
by rewriting umbrella
dengan terlebih dahulu menerbitkan payung
formed in as an umbrella
dibentuk pada tahun sebagai payung
given to many umbrella shaped
diberikan kepada banyak payung berbentuk
used as umbrellas and fans
digunakan sebagai payung dan penggemar
used as umbrellas and as
digunakan sebagai payung dan sebagai
dmsc an umbrella group of
dmsc sebuah kelompok yang memayungi