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English to Indonesian
wake bangun, membangunkan, berjaga, menyadarkan
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wake upberjaga/bangun
wake up the wrong passengermengalami kekalahan
wakefulsulit tidur
wakenbangun, sadar, membangunkan
wakerjam weker
verb be awake, be alert, be there
noun the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)
verb stop sleeping
noun an island in the western Pacific between Guam and Hawaii
noun the wave that spreads behind a boat as it moves forward
noun a vigil held over a corpse the night before burial
verb arouse or excite feelings and passions
verb make aware of
verb cause to become awake or conscious
noun The track left by a vessel in the water; by extension, any track; as, the wake of an army.
verb To be or to continue awake; to watch; not to sleep.
verb To rouse from sleep; to awake.
noun The act of waking, or being awaked; also, the state of being awake.
source: WordNet 3.0