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abolisi abolition.
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noun the act of abolishing a system or practice or institution (especially abolishing slavery)
noun The act of abolishing, or the state of being abolished; an annulling; abrogation; utter destruction; as, the abolition of slavery or the slave trade; the abolition of laws, decrees, ordinances, customs, taxes, debts, etc.
source: WordNet 3.0
abolisionis yang melarikan diri dari
abolitionist who escaped from
amerika serikat abolisionis dan feminis
united states abolitionist and feminist
amerika serikat abolisionis lahir seorang
united states abolitionist born a
amerika serikat abolisionis yang menerbitkan
united states abolitionist who published
serikat abolisionis dan feminis yang
states abolitionist and feminist who
serikat abolisionis lahir seorang budak
states abolitionist born a slave
serikat abolisionis yang melarikan diri
states abolitionist who escaped