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bab chapter, matter
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bab ichapter i
bab penutupclosing chapter
bab tigachapter three
babafather, older man
babadhistory, chronicle
babah1 elderly Indonesian-born China man. 2 title for elderly China (as aterm of address, us. bah).
babakstage, round, act, stanza
babak belurbe black and blue
babakanbark (of tree).
babansee BEBAN.
babarspread, unfurl
babar pisancompletely
babar-pisan(Java) completely.
babasstruck off, knocked off
babatclear away, cut through
babat1clear away
babat2give a blow
babipig, hog, pork
noun a subdivision of a written work; usually numbered and titled
noun any distinct period in history or in a person's life
noun a local branch of some fraternity or association
noun an ecclesiastical assembly of the monks in a monastery or even of the canons of a church
noun a series of related events forming an episode
noun A division of a book or treatise; as, Genesis has fifty chapters.
verb To divide into chapters, as a book.
source: WordNet 3.0


Jadi mari kita beralih ke bab 2: zaman minyak.
So let's move to chapter two: the oil era.
Jadi itulah bab kedua: zaman minyak.
So that is the chapter two: the oil era.
KBS: Jadi bab kasih sayang dimulai di sini.
KBS: So, the charter of compassion starts right here.
Anda akan menulis bab berikutnya dalam sejarah.
You're going to write the next chapter in history.
dan setiap bab dimulai dengan bismillah
and each chapter begins with what we call the basmala,
lulus bab ini tanpa mengerti apapun tentang fisika,
pass this particular unit without knowing any physics,
menulis bab baru
writing a brand new chapter
untuk menulis bab baru yang bebas polio
to write an entirely new polio-free chapter
Kami memiliki bab tentang agar-agar.
We have a chapter on gels.
Lalu saya membacakan satu bab
I then read him a chapter
dan baru pada bulan Juli ini mengajukan Kebangkrutan Bab 9.
and just this July filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.
pada buku managerial accounting, saya dikutip pada bab delapan ..
In managerial accounting, I'm chapter eight.
pada bab delapan saya tentang anggaran
I open up chapter eight talking about budgeting.
di halaman lima bagian 1.2 bab satu
to page five of section 1.2 of chapter one
ada satu bab tentang sains untuk menghidupkan kembali spesies yang telah punah
he has a chapter on the science of bringing back extinct species,
dan membolik-balik bab
and swipe through the chapters
akan menulis bab baru dalam buku itu.
going to write the next chapter of that book.
saya baru saja memberikan tugas kepada mereka untuk membaca satu bab buku
I'd just assigned my class to read this textbook chapter
ide-ide pokok bab tersebut dan mengapa itu sangat keren?"
the main ideas and why this is so cool?"
Bab terakhir dari semua pembantaian yang sukses
The last chapter in any successful genocide
Kejadian: Bab 1. Ayat 29,
Genesis: Chapter one, Verse [29],
Pada bab yang lain, Anda harus mengambil gambar kulit pohon
In another chapter, you need to take a picture of a piece of bark
seperti mempunyai dua bab di sejarah Amerika Serikat.
is like having two chapters in the history of the United States.
Bab terakhirnya tentang saat ini, dan presiden Obama.
The last chapter is about present, and president Obama,