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badak rhinoceros
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noun massive powerful herbivorous odd-toed ungulate of southeast Asia and Africa having very thick skin and one or two horns on the snout
noun Any pachyderm belonging to the genera Rhinoceros, Atelodus, and several allied genera of the family Rhinocerotidæ, of which several living, and many extinct, species are known. They are large and powerful, and usually have either one or two stout conical median horns on the snout.
source: WordNet 3.0


adalah badak putih dari utara.
is the northern white rhinoceros.
oleh singa atau macan tutul atau badak atau gajah --
by a lion or a leopard or a rhino or an elephant --
afrika bertanduk dua badak putih
the african white two horned
afrika putih bertanduk dua badak
african white two horned rhinoceros
atau badak simus disebut juga
or rhinoceros simus called also
badak afrika atelodus keitloa ini
african rhinoceros atelodus keitloa it
badak afrika memiliki dua tanduk
african rhinoceros having two horns
badak apa yang anda inginkan
rhino what do you want
badak bentuk bentuk yang punah
rhinoceros extinct forms
badak bercula dua afrika atelodus
african two horned rhinoceros atelodus
badak bercula dua lebih kecil
the smaller two horned rhinoceros
badak kuda nil dan paus
rhinoceros hippopotamus and whale
badak simus disebut juga chukuru
rhinoceros simus called also chukuru
badak tapir kuda dan babi
rhinoceros tapir horse and hog
bertanduk dua badak afrika atelodus
two horned african rhinoceros atelodus
bertanduk dua badak atelodus simus
two horned rhinoceros atelodus simus
besar cahaya grey badak afrika
large light grey african rhinoceros