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Indonesian to English
bagaimana how
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bagaimana andahow do you
bagaimana bisahow come there are
bagaimana bisa terjadihow on earth
bagaimana carahow did
bagaimana cara mendapatkan apa yanghow to get what
bagaimana caranyahow does one
bagaimana dan kapanhow and when
bagaimana diahow is she
bagaimana iahow is he
bagaimana keadaannyahow the land lies
bagaimana keadaannya?how do you find yourself
bagaimana masa depan andawhat is your future
bagaimana membedakanhow to differ
bagaimana membuatof making
bagaimana mengerjakan segala sesuatunyahow to do things
bagaimana merekahow are they
bagaimana mungkinhow can
bagaimana nantinyahow will
bagaimana orangnyawhat manner of man
bagaimana penyelesaiannya ?what is the answer
adverb In what manner or way; by what means or process.
source: WordNet 3.0