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Indonesian to English
bagus fine, good
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bagus sekalimagnificent
adjective satellite being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
adjective satellite minutely precise especially in differences in meaning
adverb an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence
adjective satellite thin in thickness or diameter
adjective satellite characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment
adjective of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles
adverb in a delicate manner
noun money extracted as a penalty
verb issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty
adjective satellite free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity
adjective Finished; brought to perfection; refined; hence, free from impurity; excellent; superior; elegant; worthy of admiration; accomplished; beautiful.
verb To make fine; to refine; to purify, to clarify; as, to fine gold.
noun End; conclusion; termination; extinction.
verb To impose a pecuniary penalty upon for an offense or breach of law; to set a fine on by judgment of a court; to punish by fine; to mulct; as, the trespassers were fined ten dollars.
verb To pay a fine. See Fine, n., 3 (b).
verb To finish; to cease; or to cause to cease.
adverb Finely; well; elegantly; fully; delicately; mincingly.
verb To become fine (in any one of various senses); as, the ale will fine; the weather fined.
source: WordNet 3.0