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cafe cafe
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cafetariacanteen, small restaurant (not necessarily self-selvice) attached to school or office.
noun a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold
source: WordNet 3.0


dan akhirnya bisa bertemu di dunia nyata di sebuah cafe
and actually have a real-world meeting offline in a cafe
berubah menjadi magnum road cafe
changed to magnum road cafe
cafe akan berpindah dari satu
cafe will move from one
cafe mengabungkan dua konsep dasar
cafe combines two basic concepts
cafe sebelumnya dan tak terlupakan
cafe before and unforgettable
cafe yang menghadirkan berbagai cara
cafe presents various ways to
kematian dua keponakan perempuan mcafee
death of mcafee two nieces
magnum cafe tak hanya menjalar
magnum cafe not only spread
magnum menghadirkan magnum cafe dalam
magnum brings magnum cafe
magnum road cafe akan berpindah
magnum road cafe will move
magnum road cafe akan memberikan
magnum road cafe will provide
magnum road cafe mengabungkan dua
magnum road cafe combines two
magnum road cafe yang menghadirkan
magnum road cafe presents
mengatakan magnum road cafe mengabungkan
says magnum road cafe combines
menghadirkan magnum cafe dalam dengan
brings magnum cafe with
mobile cafe dalam satu wujud
mobile cafe in one form