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cais reins.
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caisimk.o. China vegetable, mustard greens.
The kidneys; also, the region of the kidneys; the loins.
Ginjal, juga, daerah ginjal, pinggang.
source: WordNet 3.0
api untuk tambang caissons bom
fire to mines caissons bomb
berkomunikasi api untuk tambang caissons
communicate fire to mines caissons
dari iocais bahagia untuk llberating
from happy iocals for llberating
iocais bahagia untuk llberating mereka
happy iocals for llberating them
konstruksi dasar laut caisson dan
caisson and
memasang konstruksi dasar laut caisson
install caisson
tambang caissons bom dada dll
mines caissons bomb chests etc
untuk tambang caissons bom dada
to mines caissons bomb chests