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damba long, yearn
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dambansee LAMBAN.
adjective primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified
adjective primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified
adverb for an extended time or at a distant time
verb desire strongly or persistently
adjective satellite of relatively great height
adjective good at remembering
adjective holding securities or commodities in expectation of a rise in prices
adjective (of speech sounds or syllables) of relatively long duration
adjective satellite involving substantial risk
adjective satellite planning prudently for the future
adjective satellite having or being more than normal or necessary:
adverb for an extended distance
adjective Drawn out in a line, or in the direction of length; protracted; extended; as, a long line; -- opposed to short, and distinguished from broad or wide.
noun A note formerly used in music, one half the length of a large, twice that of a breve.
adverb To a great extent in space; as, a long drawn out line.
preposition By means of; by the fault of; because of.
verb To feel a strong or morbid desire or craving; to wish for something with eagerness; -- followed by an infinitive, or by after or for.
adjective Having a supply of stocks or goods; prepared for, or depending for a profit upon, advance in prices; as, long of cotton. Hence, the phrases: to be, or go, long of the market, to be on the long side of the market, to hold products or securities for a rise in price, esp. when bought on a margin.
source: WordNet 3.0
akan hal lagi yang didambakan
a gonna thing more coveted
atau merindukan sungguh sungguh didambakan
or longed for earnestly coveted
begitu mendambakan cuaca yang hangat
eager for warm weather
berminat setelah buah untuk mendambakan
hanker after fruit to hanker
buah kayu burlike liquidambar styraciflua
woody burlike fruit liquidambar styraciflua
dambakan adalah merebut kembali adalah
yearn to recapture is
dan buah kayu burlike liquidambar
and woody burlike fruit liquidambar
keamanan yang nyata adalah mendambakan
real security is hungering for
liquidambar memiliki berduri bulat buah
liquidambar having prickly spherical fruit
longed untuk sungguh sungguh didambakan
longed for earnestly coveted
masih mendambakan mesir dan gagal
longed for egypt and failed
mendambakan untuk dapat keluar dari
desire to come forth from
mereka masih mendambakan mesir dan
they longed for egypt and
orang orang kafir selalu mendambakan
they will desire
setelah buah untuk mendambakan setelah
after fruit to hanker after