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edan wild, frantic, insane, mad, crazy
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adjective marked by extreme lack of restraint or control
adjective in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated
adjective satellite in a state of extreme emotion
adjective satellite deviating widely from an intended course
adjective satellite (of colors or sounds) intensely vivid or loud
adverb in an uncontrolled and rampant manner
noun a wild primitive state untouched by civilization
noun a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
adjective satellite without a basis in reason or fact
adjective satellite talking or behaving irrationally
adjective satellite involving risk or danger
adjective satellite fanciful and unrealistic; foolish
adjective satellite located in a dismal or remote area; desolate
adjective satellite intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with
adjective satellite without civilizing influences
adjective satellite (of the elements) as if showing violent anger
adverb in a wild or undomesticated manner
adjective Living in a state of nature; inhabiting natural haunts, as the forest or open field; not familiar with, or not easily approached by, man; not tamed or domesticated; as, a wild boar; a wild ox; a wild cat.
noun An uninhabited and uncultivated tract or region; a forest or desert; a wilderness; a waste; as, the wilds of America; the wilds of Africa.
adverb Wildly; as, to talk wild.
source: WordNet 3.0
abadi utara beriklim sedang tanaman
perennial northern temperate plant
abstemious beriklim sedang atau hemat
abstemious temperate or sparing
ada bedanya antara cinta erotis
he distinguished between erotic love
ada dinamika yang menakjubkan sedang
there are fascinating dynamics at
ada hal serius sedang terjadi
there some serious shit going
ada pekerjaan yang sedang berjalan
there are running jobs
ada perdebatan yang sedang berlangsung
there is an ongoing debate
ada pertempuran yang sedang berlangsung
there is an ongoing battle
ada seorang pria yang sedang
a man is
adalah anak anak inuit sedang
are inuit children
adalah bagaimana mencegah medan elektromagnetik
is how to prevent electromagnetic
adalah bahwa dia sedang memegang
was that he was holding
adalah bahwa keragaman ini sedang
that this diversity is being
adalah karya besar kamu sedang
are masterpieces you are
adalah laki laki anda sedang
is the man you are