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Indonesian to English
ejek mock, redicule, make fun of
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ejekanmockery, derision, ridicule
ejekan singkatsquib
verb treat with contempt
adjective satellite constituting a copy or imitation of something
noun the act of mocking or ridiculing
verb imitate with mockery and derision
verb To imitate; to mimic; esp., to mimic in sport, contempt, or derision; to deride by mimicry.
verb To make sport in contempt or in jest; to speak in a scornful or jeering manner.
noun An act of ridicule or derision; a scornful or contemptuous act or speech; a sneer; a jibe; a jeer.
adjective Imitating reality, but not real; false; counterfeit; assumed; sham.
source: WordNet 3.0