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ekonom economist
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ekonomieconomics, economy
ekonomi bebasliberal economy
ekonomi berimbangbalanced economic
ekonomi duniaworld economic
ekonomi industriindustrial economy
ekonomi internasionalinternational economy
ekonomi keyneskeynesian economics
ekonomi lokasilocation economics
ekonomi makromacro-economy
ekonomi makro mesinmacro economic
ekonomi mikromicro economics
ekonomi murnipure economics
ekonomi nasionalnational-economy
ekonomi negaranational economic
ekonomi neoklasikneoclassical economics
ekonomi neutronneutron economy
ekonomi pasarmarket economic
ekonomi pembangunandevelopmental economics
noun an expert in the science of economics
noun One who economizes, or manages domestic or other concerns with frugality; one who expends money, time, or labor, judiciously, and without waste.
source: WordNet 3.0