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ekor tail,
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ekor kudaponytail
ekor magnet bumiearth's magnetic tail
ekor melebar seperti kipasfantail
ekor/ujungback part
noun the posterior part of the body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body
noun the time of the last part of something
noun any projection that resembles the tail of an animal
noun the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
noun a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements
noun (usually plural) the reverse side of a coin that does not bear the representation of a person's head
noun the rear part of an aircraft
noun the rear part of a ship
verb go after with the intent to catch
verb remove or shorten the tail of an animal
verb remove the stalk of fruits or berries
noun Limitation; abridgment.
adjective Limited; abridged; reduced; curtailed; as, estate tail.
noun The terminal, and usually flexible, posterior appendage of an animal.
verb To follow or hang to, like a tail; to be attached closely to, as that which can not be evaded.
verb To hold by the end; -- said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; -- with in or into.
noun In some forms of rope-laying machine, pieces of rope attached to the iron bar passing through the grooven wooden top containing the strands, for wrapping around the rope to be laid.
noun In flying machines, a plane or group of planes used at the rear to confer stability.
source: WordNet 3.0


mereka mengumpulkan 20.000 ekor --
they collected 20,000 --
dan hari ini, saya punya hampir 1000 ekor bayi di dua pusat pemeliharaan saya
and as of today, I have almost 1,000 babies in my two centers.
dari tulang satu ekor dodo.
from the bones of a single dodo.
sempat memiliki spesimen satu ekor dodo lengkap dalam koleksinya
had a complete specimen of a dodo in their collection
ekor pesawat lepas atau kemudi di dalam ekor patah
the tail either came off or steering stuff inside the tail broke
benda di dalam ekor pesawat.
that stuff inside the tail.
kuku dan ekor yang menebas sekelilingnya,
claws and a tail that whipped around,
di bagian ekor lalat buah.
at the tail of the fruit fly.
adalah apa yang dua ekor kucing itu ingin lakukan.
is what the two cats wanted to do.
kami memiliki 12 juta ekor babi.
we have 12 million pigs.
hingga 150 ekor sekaligus,
up to 150 sharks at once,
26.267 ekor burung,
26,267 birds,
dikunjungi 600.000 ekor burung,
had 600,000 birds on it,
yang jumlahnya ada ratusan ribu ekor
where we have hundreds of thousands of bees
dalam semalam, 200 ekor kuda nil datang dari arah sungai
overnight, some 200 hippos came out from the river
mereka memerlukan 6 juta ekor kuda,
they would have needed six million horses,
dan kotoran dari 6 juta ekor kuda
and the manure created by six million horses
sering sekali mempunyai beberapa ekor jantan yang melekat.
come up with multiple males attached.
pada ekor dari bakteria lain
to the tail of a different bacterium,
Hewan ini diburu hingga tersisa beberapa ekor yang akhirnya mati di kebun binatang.
It was hunted until there were just a few left to die in zoos.
adalah burung dara ekor pita. Populasinya besar. Ada beberapa di sekitar sini.
is the band-tailed pigeon. They're abundant. There's some around here.
Secara genetik, burung dara ekor pita adalah
Genetically, the band-tailed pigeon already is
Hanya ada sedikit bagian yang menunjukkan burung dara ekor pita.
There's just some bits that are band-tailed pigeon.
Jadi ada gen untuk ekor pendek pada burung dara ekor pita,
So there's genes for the short tail in the band-tailed pigeon,
gen ekor panjang pada burung dara pelintas,
genes for the long tail in the passenger pigeon,
dari burung dara ekor pita dan burung dara pelintas,
of the band-tailed pigeon and the passenger pigeon,
Populasi burung kondor California menurun hingga 22 ekor di tahun 1987.
The California condor was down to 22 birds in 1987.
ada 405 ekor burung saat ini, dan 226 diantaranya dilepas di alam.
there's 405 of them now, 226 are out in the wild.
Hanya tinggal 254 ekor saja.
There were just 254 left.
burung dara pelintas dan burung dara ekor pita.
of the passenger pigeon and the band-tailed pigeon.