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fakultas faculty
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fakultas biologifaculty of biology
fakultas ekonomifaculty of economic
fakultas farmasifaculty of pharmacy
fakultas filsafatfaculty of philosophy
fakultas geologifaculty of geology
fakultas hukumfaculty of law
fakultas ilmu alam nuklirfaculty of nuclear physics
fakultas ilmu bumifaculty of geography
fakultas ilmu jiwafaculty of psychology
fakultas ilmu pastifaculty of science
fakultas ilmu politikfaculty of political
fakultas kedokteranfaculty of medicines
fakultas kedokteran gigifaculty of dentistry
fakultas kedokteran hewanfaculty of veterinary
fakultas kesehatan masyarakatfaculty of social health
fakultas kimiafaculty of chemistry
fakultas pedagogifaculty of pedagogy
fakultas perikananfaculty of fishery
fakultas pertanianfaculty of agriculture
fakultas sastrafaculty of letters
noun one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
noun the body of teachers and administrators at a school
noun Ability to act or perform, whether inborn or cultivated; capacity for any natural function; especially, an original mental power or capacity for any of the well-known classes of mental activity; psychical or soul capacity; capacity for any of the leading kinds of soul activity, as knowledge, feeling, volition; intellectual endowment or gift; power; as, faculties of the mind or the soul.
source: WordNet 3.0