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federal federal
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Belajar di Federal Polytech di Zurich.
He goes to the Federal Polytech in Zurich.
Lalu inilah kepercayaan dari survei sosial dari pemerintah federal
So here is trust from a general social survey of the federal government
Biro Investigasi Federal
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Halo, Kabinet Federal Australia.
Hello, Australian Federal Cabinet.
pemerintah federal AS mengadakan sebuah program yang disebut
the federal government held what they called
yang disponsori oleh pemerintah federal AS,
sponsored by the federal government,
antara pasukan militer federal
between the federal forces
dari pemerintah lokal dan federal dalam upaya mereka
by federal and local authorities as they tried
Pemerintah federal Amerika Serikat
Well the U.S. federal government
yang diatur oleh hukum federal
that's regulated by federal law,
Saya berbohong kepada pemerintah federal dan kehilangan 1 tahun hidup saya.
Look, I lied to the Feds. I lost a year of my life from it.