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Indonesian to English
gadaian pledge, security
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verb promise solemnly and formally
noun a deposit of personal property as security for a debt
noun someone accepted for membership but not yet fully admitted to the group
noun a drink in honor of or to the health of a person or event
noun a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something
verb pay (an amount of money) as a contribution to a charity or service, especially at regular intervals
verb propose a toast to
verb give as a guarantee
verb bind or secure by a pledge
noun The transfer of possession of personal property from a debtor to a creditor as security for a debt or engagement; also, the contract created between the debtor and creditor by a thing being so delivered or deposited, forming a species of bailment; also, that which is so delivered or deposited; something put in pawn.
verb To deposit, as a chattel, in pledge or pawn; to leave in possession of another as security; as, to pledge one's watch.
source: WordNet 3.0