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Indonesian to English
gadungan fake, bogus, imitation
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adjective satellite fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
noun something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be
verb make a copy of with the intent to deceive
noun a person who makes deceitful pretenses
noun (football) a deceptive move made by a football player
verb tamper, with the purpose of deception
verb speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths
adjective satellite not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article
noun One of the circles or windings of a cable or hawser, as it lies in a coil; a single turn or coil.
verb To coil (a rope, line, or hawser), by winding alternately in opposite directions, in layers usually of zigzag or figure of eight form,, to prevent twisting when running out.
verb To cheat; to swindle; to steal; to rob.
noun A trick; a swindle.
source: WordNet 3.0