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gagap stammer, stutter
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verb speak haltingly
noun a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds
verb To make involuntary stops in uttering syllables or words; to hesitate or falter in speaking; to speak with stops and diffivulty; to stutter.
verb To utter or pronounce with hesitation or imperfectly; -- sometimes with out.
noun Defective utterance, or involuntary interruption of utterance; a stutter.
source: WordNet 3.0
anda lebih gagap dengan david
you stammer more with david
anggrek bunga yang menyerupai menggagap
orchid whose flowers resemble bumble
apt gagap ragu ragu gagap
apt to stutter hesitating stammering
apt tergagap gagap ragu dalam
apt to stammer hesitating in
atau lemah untuk tergagap seperti
or weakly to stammer as
berhenti dan diffivulty untuk gagap
stops and diffivulty to stutter
buah yang disebut gagap hal
a fruit called haw it
bunga yang menyerupai menggagap lebah
whose flowers resemble bumble bees
cenderung untuk gagap ragu ragu
apt to stutter hesitating
dan buah yang disebut gagap
and a fruit called haw
disebut gagap hal ini banyak
called haw it is much
gagap dibatasi oleh beberapa dokter
stutters restricted by some physiologists
gagap hal ini banyak digunakan
haw it is much used
gagap ragu dalam pidato gagap
stammer hesitating in speech stuttering
gagap ragu ragu terbata bata
stutter hesitating stammering