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galaksi galaxy
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galaksi bima saktithe milky way
noun a splendid assemblage (especially of famous people)
noun tufted evergreen perennial herb having spikes of tiny white flowers and glossy green round to heart-shaped leaves that become coppery to maroon or purplish in fall
noun (astronomy) a collection of star systems; any of the billions of systems each having many stars and nebulae and dust
noun The Milky Way; that luminous tract, or belt, which is seen at night stretching across the heavens, and which is composed of innumerable stars, so distant and blended as to be distinguishable only with the telescope. The term has recently been used for remote clusters of stars.
source: WordNet 3.0


tentang cakram dari bintang-bintang dan gas yang kita sebut galaksi spiral.
about the discs of stars and gas that we call the spiral galaxies.
yang merupakan galaksi spiral terbesar yang terdekat dengan Bima Sakti.
which is our closest, largest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way.
Dan kemudian ini adalah gambar cantik dari Galaksi Whirlpool (Galaksi Messier 51a),
And then, here's a beautiful composite of the Whirlpool Galaxy,
di galaksi kita,
in our galaxy,
untuk mempelajari Galaksi Bimasakti
to study the Milky Way
suara galaksi dengan setia.
to the galaxy in high fidelity.
di Galaksi Bimasakti. Pasti ada jutaan planet di Bimasakti,
in the Milky Way. There must be millions of planets in the Milky Way,
Kita berpikir bahwa ada sekitar 10 juta bintang mati di Bimasakti saja -- galaksi kita.
We think that there are about 10 million dead stars in the Milky Way alone, our galaxy.
Namun galaksi adalah tempat yang sangat kacau, dan benda-benda dapat keluar dari orbit,
But galaxies are very violent places, and things can be spun out of orbit.
untuk mengukur putaran galaksi dapat juga digunakan
to measure the spins of galaxies could also be used
yang ada di galaksi kita cukup tepat,
of the number of planets in our galaxy,
sebagai selingan, hanya di galaksi kita,
just in our galaxy, by the way,
bahwa galaksi kita hanyalah satu dari 100 miliar
that our galaxy is only one of 100 billion
galaksi yang dapat kita lihat dengan teleskop.
that we can see with our telescopes.
sepupu Bumi di galaksi kita saja
at least a billion cousins of the Earth
menyaksikan galaksi sebagaimana mereka ada, dan ketika mereka terbentuk
witness galaxies as they were when they were actually assembling,
lubang hitam pertama, galaksi pertama
the first black holes in the universe, the first galaxies.
Kita tahu sekarang bahwa alam semesta dibuat dari 100 milyar galaksi
We know now that the universe is made of about 100 billion galaxies
dan setiap galaksi tersebut, memiliki 100 milyar bintang didalamnya
and each one of those galaxies has 100 billion stars within it.
Dan ada sekitar 10.000 galaksi terlihat di dalamnya
And there are now 10,000 galaxies visible within that image.
Dan setiap galaksi tersebut, mungkin didalamnya terdapat
And each of those galaxies may contain within it
Sekarang kita bisa mengamati, kita melihat lautan galaksi
We now can look out, we see this sea of galaxies
planet, bintang, dan galaksi --
the planets, the stars, the galaxies --
Di galaksi ini, terutama di galaksi berbentuk spiral seperti ini,
In these galaxies, especially in a spiral galaxy like this,
Mereka mengelilingi galaksi dalam lingkaran seperti ini.
So we have these stars going around in circles like this.
bintang yang lebih dekat dengan pusat galaksi akan berputar lebih cepat
that stars that are closer to the mass in the middle will be rotating at a higher speed
Bahkan, galaksi ini dan semua galaksi lain
In fact, this galaxy and every other galaxy
Awan materi ini lebih berbentuk lingkaran dari galaksi itu sendiri
And this cloud of matter is much more spherical than the galaxy themselves,
Kami melihat galaksi saling terikat satu sama lain, namun sebenarnya awan materi gelap ini
So we see the galaxy and fixate on that, but it's actually a cloud of dark matter
Galaksi itu sendiri tidak terpencar secara acak di alam;
Galaxies themselves are not strewn randomly in space;