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hablur crystal
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hablur antiferoelektrikantiferroelectric crystal
hablur bukan kubusnon-cubic crystals
hablur cairliquid crystal
hablur campurmixed crystal
hablur dwisumbubiaxial crystal
hablur ekasumbuuniaxial crystal
hablur feroelektrikferroelectric crystal
hablur gandadouble crystal
hablur gas adiinert gas crystal
hablur gunungrock-crystal
hablur holohedralholohedral crystal
hablur indukmother crystal
hablur isomorfisomorphous crystal
hablur kovalencovalent crystal
hablur kubikcubic crystals
hablur kubuscubic crystal
hablur lendutflexure crystal
hablur luncur menyumbuaxial glide crystal
hablur membujurlongitudinal crystal
hablur molekulmolecular crystal
noun a solid formed by the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure
noun a crystalline element used as a component in various electronic devices
noun a rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure; external plane faces
noun colorless glass made of almost pure silica
noun glassware made of quartz
noun a protective cover that protects the face of a watch
noun The regular form which a substance tends to assume in solidifying, through the inherent power of cohesive attraction. It is bounded by plane surfaces, symmetrically arranged, and each species of crystal has fixed axial ratios. See Crystallization.
adjective Consisting of, or like, crystal; clear; transparent; lucid; pellucid; crystalline.
source: WordNet 3.0