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Indonesian to English
hal matter, thing, case, concerning
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hal akan datangfuturity
hal apapun jugaany other single thing
hal azas keturunangenetic
hal berbungan kembalireflorescence
hal berkenaan penggunaan ilmujiwapsychosomatic
hal berpura-puramake belief
hal bersatu paduinherence
hal buruk yang datang terusit never rains but it pours
hal hak ekstrateritorialextraterritoriality
hal hidup bersamaco habitation
hal ini menjelaskan halprovide an explanation of
hal jawatan cuacameteorological
hal katulistiwaequatorial
hal kelenjarglandular
hal keluar dari relderailment
hal kumpul kebocohabitation
hal lainsomething else
hal luarexternality
hal melampaui batasintemperance
hal memasak dan makan enakgastronomic
noun a vaguely specified concern
noun some situation or event that is thought about
verb have weight; have import, carry weight
noun that which has mass and occupies space
noun a problem
noun (used with negation) having consequence
noun written works (especially in books or magazines)
noun That of which anything is composed; constituent substance; material; the material or substantial part of anything; the constituent elements of conception; that into which a notion may be analyzed; the essence; the pith; the embodiment.
verb To be of importance; to import; to signify.
verb To regard as important; to take account of; to care for.
source: WordNet 3.0