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Indonesian to English
hamba slave, servant
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hambalanga great deal of violence (esp. in reference to martial art films).
hambartasteless, flat, insipid, vapit, trite
hambar/yang mengharukan amawkish
hambatchecked, blocked
hambat atur paralelparallel regulator
hambat busur cahayaarc resistance
hambat dalaminternal resistance
hambat deferensialdifferential resistance
hambat dielektrikdielectric resistance
hambat efektifeffective resistance
hambat elektrikelectric resistance
hambat frekwensi tinggihigh frequency resistance
hambat gerak-mulastarting-resistance
hambat hubungan singkatshort-circuit resistance
hambat induktifinduction-resistance
hambat jangkararmature resistance
hambat kawat pijarfilament-resistance
hambat kisi pelindungscreen grid resistance
hambat lampu busurarc-lamp resistance
hambat maknetismagnetic resistance
noun a person who is owned by someone
noun someone who works as hard as a slave
noun someone entirely dominated by some influence or person
verb work very hard, like a slave
noun See Slav.
noun A person who is held in bondage to another; one who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who is held as a chattel; one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another.
verb To drudge; to toil; to labor as a slave.
verb To enslave.
source: WordNet 3.0