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Indonesian to English
jamban privy, toilet, latrine
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jambangvase, pot
jambang kejucheese tub
jambangansee "jambang"
noun a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
noun a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate
adjective satellite hidden from general view or use
adjective satellite (followed by `to') informed about something secret or not generally known
adjective Of or pertaining to some person exclusively; assigned to private uses; not public; private; as, the privy purse.
noun A partaker; a person having an interest in any action or thing; one who has an interest in an estate created by another; a person having an interest derived from a contract or conveyance to which he is not himself a party. The term, in its proper sense, is distinguished from party.
source: WordNet 3.0
desa jambangan kabupaten ngawi memiliki
desa jambangan kabupaten ngawi has
jamban dilengkapi dengan sebuah alat
privy furnished with a contrivance
jawa timur desa jambangan kabupaten
east java desa jambangan kabupaten