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kadar degree, content, standard, level, amount, value, quality, fate
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kadar alkalialkalinity
kadar asamacid contents
kadar besiiron-content
kadar emasgold-content
kadar gasgas contents
kadar gulasugar-content
kadar hakikiintrinsic concentration
kadar imporimport rate
kadar kapurlime contents
kadar keaktifanactivity concentration
kadar keasamanacidity
kadar maksimum terizinkanmaximum permissible concentration
kadar mutlakabsolute concentration
kadar pembawa hakikiintrinsic carrier concentration
kadar takmurnianimpurity concentration
kadar zatarangcarbon-content
kadar zatlemasnitrogen content
kadar-terakpercentage of clinker
noun a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality
noun a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process
noun an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study
noun a measure for arcs and angles
noun the highest power of a term or variable
noun a unit of temperature on a specified scale
noun the seriousness of something (e.g., a burn or crime)
noun A step, stair, or staircase.
source: WordNet 3.0


Percobaan ini harus menyebabkan kenaikan kadar oksitosin,
So this experiment would have to cause a surge of oxytocin,
Dengan mengukur kadar oksitosin
Well by measuring oxytocin
Perubahan kadar oksitosin itu
The change in oxytocin
menghasilkan kenaikan 2 digit angka pada kadar oksitosin.
produced a solid double-digit increase in oxytocin.
mengalami kenaikan kadar oksitosin sebesar 150 persen.
he had 150 percent spike in oxytocin.
krim, susunan, titik leleh, kadar racun --
creams, the compositions, the melting points, the toxicities --
dan tanaman yang dia tanam di sana karena kadar garam tanah yang tinggi.
and the plants that he made sure existed on his farm for salinity.
saat kadar oksigennya turun,
when your oxygen is going down,
untuk mengukur kadar oksigen dalam darah,
to get blood oxygenation,
Jadi, angka dari laporan kadar partikel PM 2.5 versi kedutaan
So, the up is the Embassy data, the PM 2.5.
antara kadar gas rumah kaca
between levels of greenhouse gases
Dan kita tahu kadar gas rumah kaca meningkat juga.
And we know that levels of greenhouse gases are rising too.
Setiap tabung memiliki kadar 10 persen udara di jaman purba,
Each cylinder is about 10 percent ancient air,
dengan kadar kelembaban yang sangat rendah.
with a very critically low moisture content.
air lautnya, kadar garamnya terus meningkat
the seawater, the salinity is increasing steadily
kadar karbondioksida di atmosfir sebesar 350 ppm.
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
kadar karbon dioksida di atmosfer.
concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
saat kadar CO2 dua kali lipat dari saat ini.
where we had CO2 double what it is today.
Dalam hal ini, kami mengukur kadar isotop oksigen yang berbeda.
But in this case, we measured the different isotopes of oxygen.
peka terhadap kadar asam di samudera.
are sensitive to the acid content of the ocean.
untuk melacak kadar CO2 di atmosfer
to track CO2 levels in the atmosphere,
untuk mengetahui kadar CO2 di lautan,
and it tells us the CO2 level of the ocean,
dan juga kadar CO2 di atmosfer.
and therefore the CO2 level of the atmosphere.
untuk mencapai waktu di mana kadar CO2
to find a time when CO2 levels
untuk mencapai waktu di mana kadar CO2
to find a time when CO2 levels
dua kali lipat dari kadar saat ini.
were double what they are today.
dengan kadar CO2 yang lebih rendah dari saat ini.
with CO2 levels lower than they are today.
karena salinisasi (naiknya kadar garam), masalah manajemen hutan,
from salinization, problems of forest management,